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Shri Jasubhai Pari trust has set up new institutes and has diversified into new courses to make available our young generation the emerging horizons in the field of education. It is with this vision that S. J. Thakkar Pharmacy was established in the year 2004 and the College will be entering its sixth year.
The demand for well qualified professional pharmacists has increased manifolds in the recent years. The Pharmacists have great potential in the fields like Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care Institute, Clinical Research Center, Academic Institute and not to miss Retail and Dispensing pharmacy. To respond to this expectations and challenges the shree Jashubhai Pari charitable trust visionaries have created the right infrastructure to pursue the need in pharmacy learning.
Shri Jashubhai M. Thakkar
Shri Pareshbhai J. Thakkar
Vice President
Shri Dineshbhai J. Thakkar
Smt. Falguniben D. Thakkar
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