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Research Labs

Departments & Laboratories
The following departments and laboratories have been established according to the norms of AICTE for pharmaceutical education

  1. Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
    A. Pharmaceutics Laboratories
    Three well furnished laboratories cater to the practical requirements of the subjects like Pharmaceutical Technology, Bio-pharmaceutics, Dosage from Design. Physical Pharmaceutics, Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Unit operations. Laboratories are equipped with the facilities like Rotary Tablet Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Coating Pan, Different Mixers, Dissolution Apparatus, BOD Dryer etc.


    B. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory
    This sophisticated laboratory is designed as per current FDCA norms for class 10,000 aseptic areas for parenterals. It will help students familiarize with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), design, development and maintenance of aseptic areas, procedure for sterility testing, experiments in biotechnology, growth cultivation isolation and identification of microorganisms, microbiological assays, etc. This laboratory is equipped with incubator, Auto eland, HEPA – filter etc.

    C. Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Laboratory

    A Fully dedicated laboratory equipped with necessary facilities for carrying out practicals of B.Pharm. in the subject of HPCP.

  2. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    A. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratories
    Two well furnished laboratories provide facilities for practical training in pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry, synthesis and structural elucidation of medicinally important compounds. Practical training is also offered in organic chemistry, biochemistry & inorganic chemistry with well designed experiments.

    B. Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory
    Elaborate pharmacopoeia! methods are used for the analysis and quality control of drugs and pharmaceuticals. This laboratory helps students familiarize with the modern methods of analysis and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), etc.

    C. Sophisticated Instruments Laboratory
    This laboratory imparts practical training to students in pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry and assist in research work. The Laboratory include sophisticated analytical instruments like UV visible spectrophotometer, Fame photometer, Photofluorimeter, Calorimeter, Karl-Fischer apparatus, PH meter, Potentiometer, Refractermeter  etc.

  3. Department of Pharmacology
    A. Pharmacology & Advanced Pharmacology Laboratories
    Well equipped laboratories help train the students in practical studies of anatomy physiology and health education and pharmacology. Laboratories are equipped with Cook’s Pole Climbing apparatus, Analgesiometer, Openfield Behaviour Model, Electroconvulsiometer, Rotarod for Musle Relaxant Model, Elevated Plus Maze Model, physiograph etc.

    B. Animal House
    Department has well ventilated, air conditioned, hygienic animal house which is well designed as per the CPCSEA guideline, which acquired with 35-sq.meter areas. Animal house contains various animals like guinea pig, rat, mice and rabbit etc.

  4. Department of Pharmacognosy
     A. Pharmacognosy Laboratories
    Studies on drugs from herbal origin is increasing day by day. These laboratories assist the students acquire skills of identification, morphological and microscopical studies, isolation, estimation, pharmacological uses and formulation aspects of various medicinal and aromatic plants of traditional value Laboratories are equipped with the facilities such as soxlet apparatus, clevangers apparatus, muffle furnace, UV chamber, TLC apparatus.

    B. Medicinal Garden
    A well planted medicinal garden is also available with more than 40 different medicinal plants.

    Computer Lab
    The laboratory provides practical training in computer programming, applications of computers in pharmacy, use of electronic media and Internet. The computer laboratory is well equipped with latest computers and necessary softwares for the use of students and staff. There is also a provision of 2 Mbps uninterrupted Broadband connection available on all computers to facilitate teaching and research.


    A well maintained and spacious library and reading room stocked with the latest reference books and textbooks on pharmacy subjects having more than 800 titles and more than 7000 books are available for use to the pharmacy students. The college also subscribes 18 national and 05 international journals for keeping the students and faculty abreast with the latest developments in pharmaceutical sciences. The Library possesses large number of books and different titles relevant to all the subjects in pharmacy and allied fields. The college library also provides Wi-Fi internet facilities on 03 computers for the students and faculty members to assist them in projects and research work. The library is equipped with SOUL software and library management software. . 

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