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Dear Friends,

It gives me an immense pleasure to brief about S. J. Thakkar Pharmacy College, Rajkot managed by Shree Jahubhai Pari Charitable Trust.

Shri Jasubhai Pari trust has set up new institutes and has diversified into new courses to make available our young generation the emerging horizons in the field of education. It is with this vision that S. J. Thakkar Pharmacy was established in the year 2004 and the College will be entering its sixth year. This Pharmacy College is a proud addition to a host of premier educational institutes of Pari Trust.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, today, is in the forefront of India's science-based industries with wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture and technology. This industry can boast of high quality producers and recognition from many international regulatory authorities. Many international companies have entered this sector in partnership with Indian Companies. Indian professionals have also risen to the challenges of the sector and have stimulated and spearheaded its development to put India on the pharmaceutical map of the world.

Globalisation of the profession has now thrown up as many challenges as opportunities before those who are involved in this profession. The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is now growing around 9% to 10% annually and is poised to grow even faster. It is a matter of great national pride that many of our companies are enjoying the status of preferred partner by global giants. In this scenario, our academic institutes have a great role to play in equipping our students adequately to live up to this grand vision and to enable the industry to meet these challenges.

S. J. Thakkar Pharmacy College offers a 4-year academic course in Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and applied for M. Pharm. The College is equipped with the latest infrastructure and equipments and we have put in place highly qualified responsible teachers so that the best can be offered to our students. Along with the academic pursuits, the College carries out various extra curricular and cultural activities aimed at total personality development of the students. Our aim is to help our students to develop an intelligent mind with analytical ability so that they always remain in the forefront in whatever pursuit they undertake. In short, our aim is to create a top class College of Pharmacy that will train future Pharmacists who can provide best possible pharmaceutical care to the community.

Shri Jashubhai Pari - President
Shri Jashubhai Pari Charitable Trust, Rajkot.

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