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The demand for well qualified professional pharmacists has increased manifolds in the recent years. The Pharmacists have great potential in the fields like Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care Institute, Clinical Research Center, Academic Institute and not to miss Retail and Dispensing pharmacy. To respond to this expectations and challenges the shree Jashubhai Pari charitable trust  visionaries have created the right infrastructure to pursue the need in pharmacy learning. The faculty of this institution have a vibrant staff who are known for discipline and dedication to prepare the young talents to be in right place to face expanding and enlarging pharma segment which is expected to be one trillion dollar by 2012 and India has projected to be the super power in Pharmaceutical business by 2020.

S. J. Thakkar Pharmacy college has come a long way in the short span of five years since 2004 when it was established. I heartily congratulate my competent and devoted faculty members, staff and students for the splendid progress of our college.

Our Laboratories are spacious and well equipped and the library provides the latest books and journals for reference. I am confident that all the infrastructure and facilities, coupled with our dedication, commitment and motivation will form the best environment to nurture and grow your academic interests and ensure a bright future for you.

On behalf of my institution, I welcome you to join us, grow with us, and become a proud member of our S. J. Thakkar family.

Dr. Parula B. Patel - Principal
S. J. Thakkar Pharmacy college, Rajkot.

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